Reflexology for Pregnancy

Reflexology for pregnancy

a lovely preparation for birth, bringing balance and harmony to your birthing body

connect with your baby through deep relaxation

reflexology is a holistic therapy that can help with:

anxiety, fatigue, nausea, heartburn, oedema, back pain,  optimal foetal positioning, mood changes, digestion, hypo and  hyper-tension, encouraging the onset of labour and many other conditions of pregnancy

...and after the birth of your baby...

restoring balance to your mind and body, supporting breastfeeding, nurturing mamma,aiding emotional and physical recovery post-ceasarian

treatments can be in your own home during pregnancy and the post-birth period

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Some reviews

Lulu is the most gifted reflexologist I have ever used. She is so nurturing and a real healer. Her sessions are powerful and she really listens to and cares about her clients. Her positive energy and experience supported me through two very long pregnancies and beyond the post natal period. I could not recommend her more highly.

Justine, Ladbroke Grove

Lulu's been the secret to my two successful natural childbirths - as  a mama away from home in a foreign city;  a coach, a cheerleader, a salve. I share her name with every close girlfriend going through motherhood!

Katie, Hampstead

Pre and post-natal reflexology with Lulu really helped me battle through some of the challenges that come with pregnancy and early motherhood. Not only was the treatment with Lulu amazingly beneficial but she also provides a calm environment in which to speak openly and gives wonderful support and advice. I couldn’t recommend Lulu and her reflexology more highly

Frankie, Shepherds Bush

I found Lulu’s reflexology sessions immensely helpful for both pre and post-natal care. Not only are they hugely relaxing but I felt restored and calm - not easy when juggling life with a newborn! Thank you!

Sophie, Battersea

I can’t sing higher praise of Lulu and am truly grateful to have had her advice, guidance and support during two pregnancies. Her pregnancy and post natal Yoga are just wonderful and the best prep and recovery. She also creates a close knit community amongst those who attend her classes which is great!

I have been having weekly reflexology with her and this has been essential for my sanity and well being! Second pregnancy can be hard to find time to slow down and take care but this weekly session was exactly that. Feel incredible during (don’t want it to end) and the benefits afterwards are very real. Each session tailored to specific needs be it digestion, birth prep or even deep relaxation! Truly special, thank you!

Gaby, Fulham

I always look forward to seeing Lulu  because she is  such a calming and positive force and, no matter how busy or stressed I am, I know I will be so relaxed I fall asleep during our sessions!

Emma-Louise, Chelsea

Call: 079541 320141 for bookings or email