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Natural Healing and Relaxation

* Inner peace and strength

* Improvement in quality of life

* Warm reassurance

* Deep relaxation

* Relief from pain

* Ability to cope with stress and anxiety

* Improved sleep patterns

* No conflict with religious beliefs

Ruth Kaye has worked as a Natural Healer for over thirty years, helping patients, their families, friends and the bereaved.

Ruth's work is non-denominational and she is a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

A state of deep relaxation and meditation can be achieved through a breathing focus with the help of music and this deeper sense of awareness and feeling of tranquillity can restore confidence and positivity and help reduce anxieties, fears and uncertainties.

'Ruth is a National treasure' The Healing Trust

Ruth is holding a meditation and healing reach-out,

every Thursday morning at 11.00 am.

All are invited to join from their isolation at home.    

Healing works through consciousness, without the need

for physical presence, so please join us.

Just sit quietly and if you struggle to meditate, then

listen to my audio or watch the videos on the website.